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After such a public and powerful launch, our Hinckley branch is busier by the day and our regular customer base is rapidly growing.  Our plans to expand into other cities are well under-way and we have over 97 people interested in franchises in just 2 weeks!

The mass media attention we have enjoyed has rattled the cages of a few objectors and this is your chance to vote either for or against Bubbles 'n' Babes.  We desperately want your input regardless of which way you choose to vote so please be sure to participate.

We have heard many comments from various parties about what we are doing, here is an extract from a Northampton newspaper which summarises what appears to be the general view of those objectors;

Topless car wash anger
NORTHAMPTON'S Mayor says she will lead a campaign to prevent the launch of a topless carwash in Northampton.

Councillor Sally Beardsworth (Lib-Dem, Kingsthorpe) has joined forces with council leaders and religious groups to condemn plans for the controversial business, which would see a team of bikini-clad girls scrubbing cars.
The Bubbles 'n' Babes carwash, which charges £25 for a rubdown, is due to open in Northampton this summer, following the successful launch of a branch just off the M69 near Hinckley earlier this month.
But the business has been heavily criticised by campaigners determined to see it shut down.
Councillor Beardsworth said: "It's awful. It's degrading to women, it's irresponsible and it's a slap in the face for the town.
"This is not the kind of thing we want coming to Northampton and I will do all I can to stop it happening.
"I am no prude, but surely there is enough of this sort of thing out there on the internet and TV not to justify half-naked girls cleaning cars in Northampton.
"It's pathetic. Lapdancing clubs are one thing, but this is something completely different."
The firm is yet to find a suitable venue for the Northampton branch, but religious groups are keen to see it stopped before it arrives.
Timothy Webb, the chairman of the Northampton branch of the Christian People's Alliance, said: "Standards are plummeting. It is demeaning and undermines everything we stand for.
"It will attract the wrong sort of crowd and will do nothing for Northampton whatsoever."
Fears have been raised that the carwash could attract vulnerable teenage girls trafficked into the UK from Eastern Europe to fill roles in the sex industry.
The Chairman of Northamptonshire County Council, Councillor Gina Ogden (Con, Woodford & Weedon) said: "I think it's unnecessary and I worry that these girls are not going to be treated with the respect they deserve."

13 April 2006

The following extract is a copy of our emailed response to the Mayor which was also sent to numerous media contacts to ensure that this argument is indeed open to the public who have a right to an opinion;

Dear Councillor Sally Beardsworth,

I have read with interest a number of comments from yourself and some of your colleagues regarding and our plans to open a topless carwash in Northants.  By the way, you are  not alone as we are currently looking for suitable locations in Nottingham, Derby, Coventry and Birmingham for a swift 3 month roll-out prior to launching our franchise operations across the UK.

There seems to be a complete misconception of who and what we are and I have decided to publicly defend our corner.

Initially, I am a great believer that a wise mind reserves comment until all the facts are gathered and considering you are a councillor I am somewhat taken aback by your hastiness to form an opinion of our business, furthermore many comments I have read from the Northants press from yourself and your colleagues are nearing slander and I urge you to learn more about us prior to any further opinions.

Let me start by advising you that we are a legitimate business with big plans.  We aim to franchise into every single city across the UK, we are highly focused on establishing ourselves as a brand name, trading successfully and ultimately listing on a suitable market within 5 years.

Five of the girls who have started with us in the beginning have been advised that they will receive shares within our company after 12 months service providing they continue to work hard.  They will be in business suits not bikinis in the coming months, running the business and overseeing the franchises and should we float in 5 years then they will all become wealthy girls.  Is this really exploitation???

How dare you and your naive colleagues label us before even knowing who we are, I am livid with suggestions of the possibility of illegal immigrants etc. being introduced to the sex industry via my company - perhaps you should read our recruitment page in our website.  We have a strict criteria for applicants wishing to work with us.

Understand this, we are NOT and I repeat NOT breaking any laws, nor are we exploiting anybody.  Our girls are business-minded and switched on, they can see the possibilities of this company and they believe in what we are doing as much as I do.  Staff and customers enter our premises of their own free-will.

How can we be viewed as 'seedy'?  We have been considerate enough to operate in an industrial unit away from local residents, we are not offering anything illegal, it is all behind closed doors, we have had over 1,000 customers in the last 2 weeks and not one incident of trouble - feel free to confirm this with our local police.  We are taking orders from wives purchasing gift vouchers for a topless carwash for their husbands, everybody has fun and it is no worse than the old cheeky slap 'n' tickle postcards available years ago in the old seaside resorts.

Benny Hill must be laughing his head off up there, look properly at who we are, are we really immoral and bad???

We pay good money to our staff, they abide by excellent work ethics and standards, our customers enjoy a very novel and fun service which is evolving into repeat business.  Aside from single men and groups of men, our customers include couples and even groups of girls.  It is just a bit of fun, nothing sordid, we are NOT a brothel.

We have major fund raising plans ahead, plus we are hopefully about to sponsor a team of Hinckley girls to walk 60 miles in Birmingham for breast cancer, we will be offering theme days and ladies days where all proceeds will be given to local charities and much more.

DO NOT degrade my business without researching who we are and what we are about.  The large corporates sell their products with images of scantily-clad females, just look at the many billboards, magazines and so-forth.  How about topless women on the beaches around the UK?  Will they be banned?  Are they 'awful'?  We are nowhere near as risqué as lap-dancing clubs, massage parlours etc.

Perhaps you should all focus your attention on more worthy issues such as violence and crime on the streets, drug abuse, homelessness, child abuse, road safety and much, much more.

We are doing nothing wrong, we are a legitimate business set to explode across the UK and we aim to put-back via charity days and more.

This email is directed at you and every person listed in the extract below, plus any other small-minded objectors out there.  I will be emailing it to all of the local and national press and our 36,000 followers who have logged on our website in the last 11 days.,

I am not phased by threats of campaigns to prevent us establishing our business in Northampton because I will counter any campaign with a national and possibly international campaign.

Perhaps a face-to-face meeting would be in order at this point?

Attempting to prevent fair trade / a business operating strictly within the remit of the law is somewhat perverse and highly un-just.

I advise you to think carefully about opposing our company because you and your fellow objectors are the minority.  You should all lighten-up, this is 2006, we are absolutely legal, we are no less immoral than females sunbathing topless or naked on a beach or girls modelling semi-naked for fragrance companies etc.

Finally, I served in HM Royal Navy for 6 years and I am a law abiding citizen without any criminal history, I am a family man and I have EVERY RIGHT to establish my business in any location within the UK.

Local councils need to see what we are prior to jumping on their moral high-horses unless embarrassment is an image they welcome!!!

I eagerly await your reply.


MD of Bubbles-n-Babes


So, there you have it - the argument for and against.  If you have any burning comments then please email them to ensuring the subject heading is BNB DEBATE.

Please take a moment to cast your vote and thank you for your much appreciated time and input.

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